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Company Brief

Bangalore based "M/s Creative Stick is the leading company of South India which started the manufacturing of self adhesive masking etching stickers for use in the designing glass etching in 1997. This company was set up by two most energetic and trustworthy friends Mr. Suresh Kumar and Mr. Arokiaraj D.. The 33 year old young managing partner of the company Mr. Suresh Kumar is a well qualified mechanical engineer from Singapore and Mr Arokiaraj D. is a commerce graduate. They started this company at that time when there was not even single reliable source in South India from where branded etching sticker could be obtained. M/s Creative Stick not only tackled this problem sucessfully but also stsrted the production of etching stickers role of 40" width. Mostly other manufacturer in India produce only 20" wide etching sticker rolls. The etching sticker rolls being manufactured by M/s Creative Stick has become a well established household name in Indian glass market. In edition to etching sticker rolls the firm also deals in glass processing materials of various types.

With a solid reputation for quality and reliability, they offer stylish and elegant sticker rolls, bent glasses, stainglasses, and all types of stain and decorative glass processing materials. They are also engaged in the project works of interior and exterior decoration of buildings and showrooms. With voluminous experience, they have acknowledged the industry needs and serve an array of value added products to customers. Their reliability, flexibility and ability to create new and innovative designs, distinguishes them from other competitors. They are leading manufacturers, exporters, interiors, exterior designers and wholesale suppliers of glass products and accessories in India.

The high qualiyty standards at every level of the organization has helped the company to find a strong foothold in the Indian arena.

Our Business Philosophy
Driven by the ambition to meet the ever-changing requirements of the market, we are determined to offer excellent quality "sticker Rolls" with extreme ease in the ordering process. Through close coordination with most valued importers, distributors, retailers as well as consumers, we consistently strive to improve glass sticker rolls that can meet customer's expectations.

Our Aim

Keeping customer satisfaction at the core of our business, we aim to:

  • Satisfy our customers, dealers & every one related to our company.
  • Spread the worthiness of the quality offered and to make the customer realize that our glass sticker rolls and etching materials are made of original quality.
  • Indulge every living environment in India and abroad into the purity of Creative Stick self adhesive rolls.

Our Products
Our main produt is self adhesive sticker rolls which is mainly used by glass prcessors for the production of etched glass, sand blasted glass and various other glass products. At present we are supplying our products almost to all the glass processors in India. Besides that we are expoting our sticker rolls to variour countries.

Beautiful homes deserve beautiful interior decoration. At Creative Stick, we let glass customize every home décor through our unique glass designs collections. Featured with lifetime durability, stain resistant, impact resistant and chemical resistant, our glasses are easy to clean. Made from high quality materials sticker rolls and glasses are available in different designs and colours. Some of the other distinctiveness that our products offer are:

  • 100% guarantee original designs.

      We also offer a full selection of value added glasses, including stained glass, beveled glass, fusion glass, Wax, glass bowls, toughened glass, laminated glass, bent architectural glass and several others. Specialized in all types of Indian and Imported glass, we deliver these products in various thicknesses and sizes.

    • Our Designing Section
      We are one of the successful names in this high growth industry to have our own in-house designing unit. We follow all necessary design procedures as per client's requirements and make the best use of CAD/CAM basic software to design the sketch of various types of glass designs.At our designing section, computer monitors also have different color settings that can generate further color variation for glass designs. As a result of these properties, room interiors are designed and viewed before execution or installation. In addition to this, we are one of the few names to continuously consult with interior designers for assistance to insure that we provide the most updated species to accentuate the lifestyle of our customer's choice.

      Our Manufacturing Section
      The growing demand for cost effective products have been the driving force for us and to meet this objective, we have developed best production unit. Our manufacturing unit encompasses contemporary machinery and equipment for raw material testing, designing and product development. Our entire manufacturing process is completed while maintaining a clean environment. Humidity is also precisely controlled for optimum floor stability.

      Our Quest For Perfection
      Our glass products are guaranteed to be on grade and free of any manufacturing defects prior to glazing and fittings. Our decorative glass is manufactured in accordance with accepted industry standards. At Creative Stick, all glasses used in manufacturing premium quality glass is graded every time it is handled. Frequent sampling and testing is conducted at every step of the manufacturing process. In addition to this, before they are placed in the carton, every piece is individually inspected by our experienced quality controllers.

      Our Manpower
      We believe our manpower as one of the most important pillars of our successful business. Our organization is backed by highly experienced and skilled team of experts who understand clients varied requirements of innovative designing solutions. The team of designer, consultant, carpenter and many more work in coordination with each other & cater to the specific needs and preferences of the customer.

      Empowered with wide experience & knowledge, our quality professionals make sure that each product fulfills the quality standards as desired by our clients. Our experienced professionals are there to attend queries, give guidance, and make sure customers get the most from their investment. Today, it is because of our highly skilled manpower and their dedicated commitment, we have been able to establish our essence all across India.

      Our Value Added Services
      • Wide Distribution Network: Emerging as one of the prominent names in this area of operations, we have consistently marked significant new development in the transportation process. We have well defined line of distribution management, enabling quick processing of orders. Through our well-defined logistic support and tie-ups with major C&F companies, we are committed to deliver our consignments right on time.
      • Installation Service: We known that the choice of installers can dramatically impact the future performance of decorative glass. Working on this fact, we are one of the few emerging names to offer installation service at economical price. Our experienced installers properly evaluate and prepare the site, perform the necessary site and product tests, insure proper acclimation of glass decoration and carefully inspect the glass prior to installation for any grade, finish.

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